Pokémon Worlds 2011 - Cybertron's Pictures!

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So with Worlds taking place this weekend, I thought that many of who aren't able to come would enjoy pictures of the event / the city! I'll be updating this thread every day with pictures from the day. I hope you guys enjoy!

Day 1 consisted of touring the city after a long flight. We rented a car at Enterprise and drove around. We planned to go to the zoo, until we found out it costed $40 per person! There went that idea, har har. Almost all the pictures are pictures of sites around the city, with occasional shots of my silly brother. Since the hall where the tournament is going on is still being set up and guarded by security, none of these pictures include actual Pokemon things. (Other than our National medals and my plushies :D) Don't worry, the hall is opening soon so Pokemon pictures are on the way! Still, I hope you enjoy these pictures and get to see how beautiful San Diego is! (The weather here is seriously incredible compared to New York, 60 to 70 degrees every day!)

Day 1: Touring the City
Day 2: Meeting the People
Day 3: Checking In


Who let marco in here????
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...Still regret that I completely missed you during the regional

PS: Babbytron is cute.

Nice thread Aaron. We need day 2 :D

Also, good luck tomorrow bro. I wish I was there to support you, but you know I'll be cheering you on. Let's do this!
Day 2 pictures are up, today's pictures will go up in 5~ minutes. Enjoy!

Day 2 = posing with people
Day 3 = The cool items we got!
All of you guys in San Diego are making me jealous =P not only has school already started but I can't make it ='(

Next year starts college however and expect to see the King of Ice there!! believe i-*shot*
Man, these pictures are awesome.

ilu cybertron, hopefully we get to hang with dtrain soon or next year in VGC!
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